Bookkeeping Audit

Have you completed the Bookkeeping Basics Course but still want a second pair of eyes to look over it? Hire me for one hour to review the work that you did and give you verification that you set-up your books correctly.

Are you stuck and just need an hour of my time to ask me all of the questions or to have me walk-through your books with you? Then it’s time to book your one-hour session.

Book your Bookkeeping Audit HERE.

Bookkeeping Makeover

Are you completely overwhelmed because you are behind on your bookkeeping? Do you need someone to get everything in order before you have the confidence to take this on yourself? I can help you set-up your books and/or clean up your books to get you current.

Book a 10 min consultation with me HERE. We will use this time to figure out exactly what your needs are and discuss an action plan.